Welcome to the site.

Hello. My name is Scott Ferguson, and this is my blog.

The purpose of this blog is to use my experiences to help other people either begin or continue their journey towards being a little more self sufficient, readily capable, and to reach an overall higher level of confidence in their ability to take care of themselves and those that they care about.  Being as universally capable as our time, effort, interest, and finances allow makes us a highly valuable member to our family and community.

Obviously, no man is an island, so there are times in our lives that will require outside assistance.  It seems though, that with the increasing prevalence of social media, that the necessity for face-to-face interaction has been on the downhill slide for quite some time now and I believe that it really has hurt our society.  True, there are positives and negatives to everything, as I’ve both learned a great deal and made some good friends through social media.  Because of this, and other societal factors that are relatively new in our history, finding a helping hand or reliable and experienced outside perspective can be difficult.  This blog is by no means an attempt to get folks to purposefully do things on their own or not seek the camaraderie of community, but, it happens. Make attempts to both ask for help from folks, and to go and help them. You’ll be doing the world a favor.

Some of the things that we’ll be looking at here are gear recommendations that come from firsthand experience, personal and home defense considerations, medical topics, outdoors activities like hunting, fishing, and camping, automotive topics, home repairs or upgrades, general organizational ideas, cooking, food storage, book reviews, and pretty much anything else that I feel that folks might find interesting.

So, welcome to the camp fire, and I hope we can learn together.

– Scott

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